Answers to Frequently Asked Questions . . . .

The NB Music Course
Young Musicians
Musical Theatre

Orchestras for Advanced and Moderate Musicians.

Musical Theatre, rehearsing extracts from 3 West End shows.

Coaching from first class, professional performers and educators.

Daily mini concerts with chances to perform.

End of week full concert for parents.

Perfect for both experienced and 'first time' performers.

We love to answer your questions. Please contact us if your question isn't answered below.
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Q. I'm not sure if this would be right for my son or daughter. He / she can be shy and doesn't know anyone else on the course.

A. Right from the first morning our coaches work to involve everyone and to get to know them as individuals too. Our experience from earlier years is that even those who thought they were very shy or introvert very quickly made friends and discovered skills and a capacity for enjoyment through performance that they didn't know they had.
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Q. My child likes music but I don't know if he / she is skilled enough to benefit from this.

A. We aim to cater for EVERY level of skill. Musicians need to be able to get a tune out of their instrument (we suggest at least Grade 3 or above). For non musicians anyone can still participate by singing, dancing and acting. We push the young stars to greater achievement and help the complete beginners get started.
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Q. I'm feeling a bit desperate for something for my son / daughter to do during the holidays. I also want to find something to interest them other than sitting in front of a computer. He / she doesn't play an instrument so will this week be any good for them?

A. We would say absolutely - give it a go. In previous years we have had many letters and Emails from parents delighted with how their son or daughter discovered a new interest through the activities of our week and went on to do more performing after the course.
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Q. I'm in my late teens. Will this be right for my age and skills and will there be others my age too.

A. Yes, absolutely. Our coaches will make sure you have enough to challenge you and we get a wide range of ages on our courses. You will have opportunities for solos (if you want it) and there will be lots you can learn about the professional music world by talking with our teachers (who work in it every day).
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Q. My child is musically talented with high grades in one or more instruments. Will this be challenging enough for him / her.

A. Yes, whatever their skill level we will get to know them and provide opportunities and challenges that are appropriate.
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